Telephone System Upgrades Leicester

Telephone Engineers Leicester offer complete system upgrades whether it be on your existing system by adding more extensions or telephone lines, or a complete system replacement to a new and more up to date digital phone system we can offer the right advice to suit your businesses needs.

To survive in today’s business environment, it is imperative for a business to adopt the latest innovations in communication technology.

Is the time right for replacing/upgrading your existing phone system?

Which solution will best suit your business?

The questions listed below can help you assess your business phone system needs, and give you some tips for choosing the right system for your business.

Check the capability of your existing phone system with a member of our staff we will be happy to offer some advice on the best solution for your business.

Is your existing phone system becoming obsolete?

Can you add more extensions/users to the system easily? We will be able to answer this question for you simply by you telling us the make and model of phone system that you have.

Is your phone system able to effectively handle the increasing number of incoming and outgoing calls? Check for network congestion.

Increase in call volume is normal for a growing business, and the phone system should be well-equipped to handle the boost in traffic.

Does your phone system support VoIP ( Voice over Internet ) telephony? Transporting your voice calls among branches via an IP network, which you already use for email and data transfer, can save your inter-branch telephone costs. Other cost saving can be realized using VoIP.

Does your phone system have a multi-office support feature? If you plan to open new sites at multiple locations, your phone system should be able to manage and remotely administer extensions at those locations — or home-based offices — as easily as if they were on-site.

Does your phone system allow your mobile work force stay connected and accessible? For your front-end sales executives and other staff members, who are on-the-move most of the time, or for staff who need to work from home and still have calls transferred to them as if they were actually in the office.

Telephone Engineers Leicester can help with any of the above and much more just give us a call and one of our staff will be more than happy to help.

We can assist any business with :-

  • Upgrading an existing phone system
  • Repairing a phone systems on site
  • Moving premises / relocating an existing phone system
  • The installation and planning of a brand new phone system

We have Telephone Engineers in the Leicester area on call 24-7 please call for more information.